bread dough
by Jamie

by Jamie

Perfectly Imperfect

You perch precariously on a pointed precipice, pristine, but parched. Parched for the love and understanding you seek.

But the pinnacle of perfection feels always just out of reach. A single wrong move threatens to dash you into a million unfixable pieces. And so you stay put, desiring desperately to live for something more than keeping up appearances.

Do you ever find yourself wondering, If everything is picture-perfect on my screen, then what about my real life? Do I discard the mess and the noise and chaos and resent the raw footage? Does none of the real really matter?

Let me tell you, dear one, it matters. For it’s in the real-time moments of imperfect that the reel-time movie of your life offers you the magic of imperfect enchantment.

Remember when Jesus said that the whole need no physician but they that are sick? Perfect people don’t need Christ. But we do. Because the only thing we are completely perfect at is being perfectly imperfect. And when we relinquish our obsession with perfection, we invite our Redeemer to redeem the real-time raw into wholeness. It’s His grace that makes our lives sufficient. It’s His grace that makes us enough.

So let go of your grasp on perfection. You are not flawed or broken. You are a beautiful work in progress. No one condemns a soft pile of dough just because it’s not yet bread. A good baker relishes the kneading, rolling, molding, and shaping of the dough into a loaf. He patiently watches it rise, then waits for it to bake to a golden brown. A good baker knows the dough was always whole; it just wasn’t finished yet. And a good Father knows that you are much the same.

So give yourself grace. Because He already has.

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