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by Jamie

Higher, Holier

Sabbath pondering
on the hilltop of my mind.
A parable from the Lord
about a certain woman
who rose from the minutia of the daily
to climb to higher heights
to sit on the hill and see things from an elevated perspective.
To go away to this solitary place
to reflect, ponder, read, write, breathe and rest
is all she needed to return to her little village refreshed
Climbing to higher ground
allowed her to then live her life in a holier way.
This is my charge.

Later, I received a blessing from on high
promising strength and energy to this little frame
and the sharing of the Lord’s love and light
with little boys–
future valiant warriors of light.
This is my calling
and it’s going to be grand.

Family time after church
driving through the streets of our little town
on the hunt for tulips and daffodils
or the lack thereof.
Looking for garden beds of wise ones
who are getting on in years.
This fall we’ll plant them some bulbs
so they can have color burst forth in the spring.

Family games
Azul and Ticket to Ride.
Laughter rises as jokes descend
Why do we wait so long for times like this?
We knit our hearts around the tiger oak table
cocooned in sage green walls
all of us like little caterpillars waiting to 
burst forth as butterflies in a coming day.
I guess it doesn’t matter much
whether it’s a game
or a movie
or garden work in the sweltering sun

We’re all just walking each other Home.

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