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As we embark on this journey together, I will send you letters as often as I’m able. These little letters will be poetic inspirations to enliven your heart on your road less traveled. But as I said yesterday, sometimes words are hard to implement. Sometimes we need a specific way to take a beautiful principle and apply it to our life.

So today, I’d like to introduce to you today a simple system to curate a simple, lovely, cozy life. It’s called COSI – which stands for: “Collection Of Simple Ideas.”

At the end of each letter, you will find a free COSI printable download with specific ways to implement the simple idea in your life. There will often be suggestions and journaling prompts or planning pages. I promise these printable downloads will be minimalistic, simple, and lovely. All you need to do is print as many copies as you’d like and put them in a pretty binder of your choosing.

I hope these FREE COSI printables will be a way for me to bless your life as you travel on your road less traveled. And I hope they enlighten your mind and heart with quiet, simple ways to craft a simpler life so that you can fall in love with your life again and again.

road less traveled

The Road Less Traveled

Simple, lovely, cozy, and holy. These four words are my guiding stars in creating a life that is meaningful, rich, and full of wonder. I distinctly

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road less traveled

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