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by Jamie

by Jamie

Catch a Falling Star {A Cozy Bedtime Ritual}

Evening hush descends.
Velvety curtains close.
Lamplights glow.
Cozied under quilts with my journal and pen, I pause and reflect back over the hours of my day.

One by one, little moments start to glow like bright, twinkling stars in the ebony sky
reminding me of all the good that happened
and all the ways I saw the hand of the Lord.

A few years ago I named these daily tender mercies
“falling stars”–
a name coined from a phrase in a sweet old song:

“Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket,
Save it for a rainy day.”

So that’s what I do.
I scrawl out the stars that I’ve caught to keep them in my journal-pocket.
And when the rainy days come,
I can open the pages of my journal and
read the stars
so they can bring a bit of light into the darkness
reminding me just how often the Lord has shown me His love in the past
and how He can do it again.

My journal becomes a constellation of Christ’s tender care–
the pages full of bright twinkling love letters from a Heavenly Father.

~A COSI Print for You~

Download your very own journal page to catch your falling stars. Print as many as you’d like and fill them up with the tender mercies from your days.

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