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Accepting What Is {Wonder Wednesday}

Sometimes life shines with a rosy hue. But sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes our moods are naturally cheery, and other times a little black cloud hovers over us all the day long. Sometimes we have all the time to do all the things, but other times we don’t. Sometimes life is carefree and peaceful, and other times it just isn’t.

On the days we don’t feel that automatic cheer upon waking, we can try to acknowledge the feeling and say, “This, too.” We can recognize the feeling without deeming it bad — because when we judge the feeling as bad, all we want to do is change it, and that’s not always possible.

What would it be like to sit in the discomfort? To sit with the blahs? To look for the little jewels of joy?

We could choose to be still. To be accepting of what is. To know that these feelings won’t last forever. To be at peace with not feeling optimally. To be grateful for the rain even though rainbows are much more delightful.

We could look up to the sky and let the raindrops course down.

We could trust that the sun will eventually rise on a new dawn of wonder.

But until then, we could choose to see the dots of stars that interrupt the blackness of night and know that these stars, these twinkling specks of light are proof that there is light even in the darkness.

And we can remember that when hard times happen, they too are evidence of God’s love–because they give us the opportunity to come close to Him for the comfort only He can give.

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